Capturing the essence of your extraordinary days and the magic within the ordinary

My passion lies in capturing the profound moments of your life. These moments come quick and fast on the extraordinary days you’ve spent months planning for: In the absolute joy of your engagement; in the exquisite detail of your wedding day; in the wondrous arrival of your newborn. There is nothing I’d like more than to share and photograph these rare and once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. But please don’t wait for the “big” days…. there is so much beauty to be found and documented if you pay attention to your ordinary days …. In the way the details of your home speak to who you are; in your ritual of Saturday morning banana pancakes, in the way the light touches your lover’s soap-lathered skin in the bath. Let’s set aside any pretense – any posed portrait, any shot “you’ve seen on Instagram”, any curated feed – so that we can capture the essence of what makes you, you.

Engagement, elopement & wedding photography

Maternity & newborn shoots

Lifestyle & product photography

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