Pete + Nikita

There is a spot on Signal Hill with enough distance from Lion’s Head and Table Mountain that the two stretch out – one on the right, the other on the left – competing for your attention. Niki and Pete’s engagement shoot took place in that rich middle ground. Before I took them up there, I scouted the area, finding little pockets of beauty: the earthy greens of the rough fynbos; the faint line between the blue sea and the blue sky; the ethereal feel of a plant I cannot name. Picturing Niki and Pete in each setting, I knew it would work. What I did not plan were the moments that followed. Thinking the shoot was over, after the sun set, we drove further towards Signal Hill, parking on the city side, before the main parking lot. There, we opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement. I took two, maybe three, sips before I put my flute down and reached for my tripod. (Flickering city lights will do that to a photographer.) When my lens turned those city lights into thousands of bokeh (those exquisite circles of light), I knew I had something magic. As a side note, this remains one of my favourite evenings of 2017.