Jen has got a thing for goats. As do I. Why? Because, in her words, “they are so random and so cuddly and the word goat is so just so great”. This near obsession explains the third word of Jen’s shoe brand @louisandgoat. What about the Louis? Jen’s gone-but-not-forgotten grandfather. Also, one day, Jen’s future cat – a blue British short hair (which according to Jen are the most gorgeous cats in the whole world) – will be called Louis. As for the conjunction – ‘and’ hardly needs analysis so let’s move on. Where to? The shoes (or as Jen dubs them, goats). Their entry into the world involves a longer story but I’ll cut right to my favourite part: “I literally Googled about a hundred people, asking if they made the shoes. One guy replied: Miguel. For the past few years I’ve been working with Miguel to bring goats [the shoes] to life. He doesn’t speak a word of English and I don’t speak a word of Spanish but somehow through Whatsapp, Google translate and emojis, we’ve managed to get to the point where we are today.” (FYI, I have a pair of 🐐 myself – undoubtedly the coolest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Rake in compliments I do.)