Kate + Kyle

When I look back at the photos of Kate and Kyle’s wedding, I see lush greens running through almost of them. The tones speak to the gem that is Vermaaklikheid – a rustic coastal town off the N2 that few know about. For the record, those few like it that way. While their day was full of special moments, a few stand out to me: As Kate and her bridesmaids were getting ready (doing their own makeup, I might add) – I took a stroll around the back of the cottages and discovered it blanketed in wheat. Now, some girls have a thing for high heels and textures of fabric (no criticism here) but, me, I have a thing for wheat fields. On that day, the breeze was pushing the grass over, revealing its lighter side and I put Kate and her bevvy in the midst of it. In these photos, I hope it is as clear that Kate belongs here: with a sky for a ceiling and the earth as a floor.