Lara Thomas Cape Town Wedding Photographer

A little bit about me

To get a sense of who I am, here are a few of my favourite things: leaning-towards-green turquoise; falafels; the smell of coffee; Fleetwood Mac; the first glorious cup of tea (on a winter’s game drive); traveling; dew; words that punch; snorkelling; canola fields; Harry Potter; melted butter on toasted hot-cross buns; orcas; home; Tracy Chapman; red wine next to a fire; Elizabeth Gilbert; flamingoes; kindness; spider webs; popcorn at the movies.

So what does any of that have to do with photography? Everything. To capture moments, you must notice them first … The look across the room, the way the grass catches the golden light, the tear he thought no one saw, the reflection in the puddle…

A writer and photographer, I clearly have a thing for aesthetics. To my mind, it naturally follows that I have a thing for love, for what could possibly be more beautiful than the promise that you will love another wholly, irreversibly, openly? Taking photos throws me right into the centre of that exquisite choice. I’m comfortable there, at the heart of things, and that makes couples comfortable too, allowing them to drop their guard, letting the camera play witness to their special day.

Since I have your attention, let me also explain that while I appreciate neutral tones, my eyes seem incapable of resisting bright colour. I blame my mother. In her words: there are so many beautiful colours in the world, why would anyone stick to creams and greys and beiges? I know why – it looks slick and clean, and the collective effect is calming and never invasive. Still, I can’t but help direct my camera at bright red shoes and the unsubtle pink of proteas and train tracks that mirror the setting sun and the blatant blue of the sea. So, as much as I tell myself, I’m sticking to a light palate this time, those colours I tell you, those vibrant, bold, unapologetic colours won’t leave me alone.

For those still reading, here’s a little more about me: Born in Nelspruit, raised in Johannesburg, I now call Cape Town home, although, in truth, home remains wherever my mom and dad are (Johannesburg, and often Plett). I am, however, lucky enough to have my older brother close to me (I’m talking walk-to-his-house-to-take-advantage-of-his-tv-and-soda-stream close). Besides the mountain (cue rolling eyes), the appeal of this city, for me at least, resides in the sea. I try to get into it at least once a week, whether that be snorkelling (sherbet the Atlantic side is not for the feint-hearted) or surfing in Muizenberg (some might say not for the weak-willed either, for entirely different reasons). When not working as a communications consultant at a law firm, I write and take photos.